Welcome to SG:D

Prepare and cook space food for alien customers, try to deliver it to the customers while avoiding and fighting off hungry space pirates and other players. Complete your delivery, get paid and upgrade your ship to improve your odds of surviving out in the asteroid belt! Play with up to 20 players!

Explore the Pitch Deck!

Cook Weird Alien Food

Accept incoming orders and get starting cooking up that delicious (yet somewhat slimy) food. Be quick and make sure you don't mess up the order! Load up the order onto your spaceship and prepare to deliver it to the hungry customer.

Fight Off Players & Space Pirates

On your way to deliver the customer's order, you will encounter many hungry space pirates and other players who might try to steal your order for themselves. Luckily you've got what it takes to fight back!

Explore the Asteroid Belt

Discover new recipes and resources that you can use to boost the success of your restaurant business. Complete impromptu side quests and try to steal orders from other players to deliver them yourself and pocket the money!

Upgrade Your Ship & Kitchen

Spend your hard earned credits to upgrade your ship and weapons so that you might better defend yourself out in the asteroid belt. Additionally, improve your kitchen to cooking better and more profitable recipes.

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